My Speech @ myPPP AGM 2015 -EN

1. John Naisbitt is one of the most far-sighted and accurate observers of politics. He served President Kennedy and later President Lyndon Johnson.  I would like to borrow his famous quote “my years in politics instructed me in the art of the possible”.

2. Having served the nation under three Prime Ministers, I am proud to declare that I too believe in the art of the possible.

3. PPP was possible. It has seen 61 AGMs. Surmounting every challenge at each juncture in the past years. Our critics would have wished and will continue to wish that MyPPP will fade into the sunset. But unfortunately to our naysayers, we are here gathered to mark our 62nd AGM!  I see the same vibration of possibilities. And I thank each and every member of myPPP.

4. After 62 years, myPPP took the challenge to rebrand itself. Re-branding is about strategic change to renew oneself to match up with the current time and situation. myPPP has always been more community than power based.

5. It is also timely as the spirit of independence in 1957 is changing from the pioneering stage to a maturing stage. The new generation has an indirect feel of independence, as Merdeka has progressed to freedom of expression.

6. Therefore, Malaysians want to move from racial based politics to a Malaysian based politics. This is the core essence of the strategic repositioning of myPPP. The concept is not new but the timing is now right and myPPP as an all Malaysian party is the right party to make that change.

7. Since the launch of our re-branding exercise, 6,000 new members of which 80% are youth have applied to join myPPP. WE ARE ON THE RIGHT TRACK AND OUR CHANGE IS CLEARLY FOR THE BETTER.

8. YAB during our launch of myPPP applauded us for it, and also challenged myPPP to make it happen. We have taken your words seriously.

9. The outcome is the “myPPP 365 days challenge” (#challenge365myPPP).  myPPP will target one program a day for 365 days in 2016. This is tough but not impossible.

10. “myPPP 365 days challenge” is NOT talk it is already in action. Todate we have already initiated the following P2baM actions in line with a more participative and inclusive culture :

10.1O ur main WING as the central leadership has led by example through the following two activities :

i. myINSURANCE where all myPPP members get the best insurance coverage in the world i.e. a coverage up to RM30,000 for a mere starting with RM15 a year. This include accident, medical benefit and natural death.

ii. myWILL to ensure that our efforts in life is not wasted. Everyone has some thing to leave behind be it small or big. Without a will even the deceased’s motorcycle or transfer cannot be done or , a low cost house cannot be transferred..

11. The above two activities is the example set by the MAIN WING of myPPP leadership. The following are initiatives for the Wanita, Pemuda, Puteri and Putera Wings which I would like to share with all members so that maximum support and commitment from all shall ensure success.

11.1 “myHELPING HANDS” by Wanita will host a transit home for women and children who are abandoned or in distress. An immediate place for food and accommodation to provide assistance at the most crucial moment. One of the best feeling of peace is the feeling of having helped someone in need.

11.2 “myENGLISH” (the 3rd language) by Pemuda Wing members for the youth so that we do not waste time to breach this competitive edge that Malaysians have lost in the last two decades. While the larger machinery of the Government which have now accepted that English is important for Malaysians but changes will take time, myENGLISH will focus on correcting the situation at youth level immediately. In this borderless world English is without doubt one of the key components for Progress and Prosperity. After BM, and after one’s mother tongue, we call English the 3rd language initiatives.

11.3 “mySAFE-HOME” by Puteri Wing members as safety and security at every home. Modern utensils have actually introduced more hazards from electricity to chemicals etc. From keeping your hands away from hot water to cutting vegetables without hurting your fingers, the list is endless.

11.4 “myENVIRONMENT” by Putera Wing will focus on recycling and save the environment campaigning. Climatic changes and resource depletion due waste and other unlawful activities need to be addressed. Let us waste less before we get wasted. Let us strive for a ZERO WASTE ENVIRONMENT.

12. Our rebranding is a clear reflection of how PPP embraces the challenges and positions itself to embrace all possibilities. Each and every member can be proud that you do belong to a party that is now racing ahead on that pathway of ‘Malaysianization’ of Malaysia.

13. Leadership within myPPP must rise above and must have the confidence in your ability to contribute and the humility to recognize that you can learn from others.

14. myPPP is a ‘my’ PPP for each and every one of you. It belongs to no one sigle person or groups. It is a party for all Malaysians. It is a party that will thrive on peace, progress and prosperity for all Malaysians.

15. We must develop the social architecture that continues to encourage incredibly bright people to work together successfully for myPPP’s rising future of possibilities.

16. In conclusion, rebranding have given a social responsibility to all myPPP members to the needs of society, family and environment.  myPPP is doing it within the guidance of our philosophy of PEACE, PROGRESS and PROSPERITY FOR ALL.

17. Last but not least, we are motivated by the support from YAB who was with us at the launch of myPPP and we look forward to his continuous involvement in myPPP, 365 Challenge and #P2baM, marching together towards Wawasan 2020.

Thank You


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