Malaysians must go ‘Formula Four’ for continued unity and progress – Part 4

As we get ready for our 14th General Election we Malaysians must burn rubber. It is a hard race ahead of us. Not just on voting day, but our destiny for the next five years.

As we learn from the rising leaders of successes like Jack Ma, the road ahead of us in Malaysia and beyond our shores will be a whole new experience.

Past history, past experiences, courage to lead, strength to fall back upon – these will be the grip we Malaysians cannot afford to let go so easily.

Barisan Nasional has run three Formula races in past times. We could not have reached this test of limits, i.e. Formula Four today, without Barisan Nasional’s presence, feats, failures and successes.

Would Malaysians want to fall for competition?

Would Malaysians allow sentiments and hard selling steal their courage to run into Formula Four with their past tested and proven partner and champion – Barisan Nasional?

myPPP stands by Barisan Nasional. We embrace history. We bolster trust. We should know, having engineered myPPP from total annihilation.

We count on Barisan Nasional’s Formula One, Two and Three championships. The world around us, and in particular even our closest neighbors – ASEAN partnership, is learning and sharing from and with Barisan Nasional.

Malaysians have been wise. Wisdom has been benefactor down the decades. History cannot lie. Malaysians have invested, stood by, defended and played the demands well in all three Formula challenges of past decades.

We must face Formula Four without losing our souls to those who are crying wolf; we must not pawn our historic past to those who never said we can succeed all these past six decades.

As much as myPPP believes, Malaysians will rise to the occasion and run this new race into the future with greater success because history aids the future.

Barisan Nasional did not fail as we have never quit the three Formula races of nationhood. The future is ours – 1Malaysia for all Malaysians.

For Formula Four, the doubting souls must know that one should rather walk with the known devil then the unknown angel.

But for millions of Malaysians, we should know that Formula Four is a race that will be run by Malaysians. And when a foreign visitor or migrant worker marries a local and spawns children, these new Malaysians will be the future of a whole new Malaysia. And their loyalty, trust and hope in Barisan Nasional will continue to be the tidal wave of a whole new Malaysia.

Believe me, change is inevitable. And Barisan Nasional has been changing with the times. Formula Four has begun. Let us run the race.

This is my reflection at the advent of UMNO General Assembly and myPPP’s 64th Anniversary.

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