About Me

THE LONG HAUL – From Estate To Parliament

Born April 29, 1954 in a little known far-away place in the Benta Estate, Kuala Lipis, Pahang. For 20 years he lived in that poverty-woven environment or what we now would describe as ‘a backward and forgotten community.

As the story goes, in his formative years, he had an opportunity to meet India’s silver screen icon, Dr. MGR who was visiting Malaysia at that time.

That once-in-a-lifetime meeting with Dr. MGR inspired Kayveas’s Vision and Mission for his people.

The advice given to this young man then was: enter into politics and fulfil your vision of helping the poor. In 1993 he become the President of PPP, a component member of the ruling coalition Barisan Nasional.

Undisputedly, Tan Sri Datuk Seri Dr. M. Kayveas is credited for putting the PPP on a strong footing after 20 years of internal strife within the party. When Kayveas started restructuring the party and brought it back to the coalition in 1994, many old timers who caused the party’s internal squabbles wanted to take back the helm and tried to push Kayveas out.

However, he emerged victorious and worked relentlessly in growing the party and regaining its past glory.

Fast track 2014, the PPP is 600,000 strong in membership with a network of over 4,700 branches nationwide.

Kayveas also served in government as Senator, a Member of Parliament, Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister and a Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department. Presently he is the Advisor with Minister Status for the Ministry of Transport, reporting to The Honourable Prime Minister.

People’s Leader

Never to be beaten by the sheer hardships that life offered in his early years in the slum, hard-work remained his sole companion that helped him beat the odds in life to be able to lead well over half a million members today.

He remained anchored on formative vision to support people who had lost everything in their life with no one to turn to for any help.

He started involving in philanthropic activities in Malaysia, supporting people in distress by giving them monetary assistance and moral support. He has helped countless people with education, housing and medical aid or assistance and providing support to abandoned families and children as well as making weddings possible and aiding families to fulfil funeral obligations.

This joy of giving and being able to put back that smile across the faces of so many people buried in suffering, ignited a burning fire in his heart as he learnt of a much bigger purpose to serve in life.

1Malaysia – Our Dream


For Kayveas, what he did what he is doing and for what purpose – it all boils down to one equation. And that is, making Malaysia a shared dream for Malaysians.

Through his relentless perseverance that real life has taught him, he now brings hope not only to those who are in the clutches of poverty but also provides every caring heart an opportunity to reach out to humanity.

The Opportunity is in PovertyMatching


Tan Sri M Kayveas shares: “Povertymatching is my vision and mission to help the downtrodden (the have nots), not just in Malaysia, but across the world wherever poverty in any form exists. As responsible and loyal citizens of the world, I invite each one of you to participate along with me in helping out our fellow human race in need in any place they could be. I strongly believe ‘Actions speak louder than words’.”