Gong Xi Fa Chai 2016

As all Malaysian Chinese join family and friends to welcome the Year of the Fire Red Monkey, I wish every Malaysian and especially our Malaysian Chinese a Peaceful, Progressive and Prosperous Chinese New Year.

PPP has taken the challenge to transform with the times. We have rightly re-branded the ‘old’ PPP with the ‘new’ myPPP with Peace, Progress and Prosperity being our hallmark and rightly registers our quest in the best interest of all Malaysians.

What more can we Malaysians ask for as we march into uncharted waters of a great new future that the world around us pursues. What more can it be if not for PEACE, PROGRESS and PROSPERITY for every Malaysian, every family and home, and our beloved nation.

Our total human endeavour must cut across all divides of race, colour and religion; our intentions must be blessed with that singular purpose of making our efforts yield greater peace; greater progress; and greater prosperity.

Hence, myPPP brings to the homes of every right-minded Malaysian our re-branded hopes and aspirations for peace, Progress and Prosperity for all.

We join you and your loved ones in welcoming a whole ‘New Year’ and wishing peace, progress and prosperity – the very hallmark of myPPP as we together re-commit to serve all Malaysians beginning with this auspicious New Year of the Fire Red Monkey.

Gong Xi Fa Chai.

Tan Sri M. Kayveas

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