Malaysians must go ‘Formula Four’ for continued unity and progress – Part 3

We can comfortably regard our past three decades as a Formula Three run into the circuit of development. We had good leaders who gave us the vision and pathways to keep moving forward.

Malaysia’s landmark building, Petronas Twin Towers, second from right, and other buildings are framed under a tree in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Sunday, Feb. 21, 2016. Australia has warned that terrorists may be plotting attacks in and around Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia’s largest city, according to a travel advisory from The Australian High Commission in Malaysia. (AP Photo/Joshua Paul)

None of them led the nation into pandemonium. None of them sunk the vessel of Malaysia into perilous waters of untested ‘new’ governments. Barisan Nasional stood by each and every Malaysian despite the fights, despite the hidden agendas at work to unseat Barisan Nasional.

And so a modern Malaysia was slowly carved out making Malaysia the rising Asian Tiger. It gave us all so much of opportunities. The only barrier was one’s own individual limitations.

We certainly cannot blame our own personal failures and inabilities on Barisan Nasional as much as we will not blame our parents for our own individual shortcomings.

The race we ran in Formula Three was difficult. But Barisan Nasional dug in deeper to protect, nurture, cherish and defend the people of Malaysia. It has now brought the nation to the edge of the circuit that we can define as Formula Four.

Will run this new challenge? Will we quit in despair? Will we be sold on untested, unproven promises?

These are thoughts we must reflect with sincerity and not be clouded by the brick bats and cannon balls that our sworn enemies masquerading as saviors will sell to Malaysians in their run up to the mother of all races – the Formula Four of tomorrow’s voting in GE14.

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