Politicians must learn from senior, experienced leaders

As the nation reels in pain filled to the brim with anguish by politicians over the developments leading to the impending general elections, here are some sobering, timely thoughts for misaligned politicians, political parties and their party wannabees.

M Kayveas who resurrected the myPPP party and has been at its helm for decades is a leader who today demonstrates with actions what a politician could and should not be.

In the spirit of 1Malaysia – an ideal he championed quietly even before it made its way into the media space, Kayveas has been walking the talk throughout Cameron Highlands. It is a truth that his sworn enemies will deny for fear of exposing their failures to the rakyat.

Today, he is permanently moving his home base to Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands where he has been meeting the locals for over 36 months since. It also seals his homecoming as his roots are in Cameron Highlands.

If politicians are determined to uphold the dream of driving a nation of one people, Kayveas is the man who has proven it in so many ways.

For days, he would walk through steep hills and narrow muddy paths to visit, spend time and eat with the natives (orang asli or what Kayveas respectfully calls ‘Orang Asal‘), and using such repeat opportunities to understand their needs and bring a smile on the faces of our original citizens whom we urbanities may have forgotten in our race to build a nation for ourselves.

Week after week, he crisscrosses the curving roads cutting through steep mountains to be with the people as they celebrate festivities unique to our multicultural heritage that dots all over Cameron Highlands.

The trust of the people – Indians, Malays, Chinese, Sikhs and even the foreign migrant workers there by the thousands – is endorsed by the fact that everyone is queuing up to invite the myPPP president to their weddings, births of their children, religious festivals, cultural events, business launches or just to join family and friends for a meal.

He is one man who stops at every eatery, be it a roadside stall or simple restaurant to have a cup of his ‘impossible to miss’ daily evening ‘teh tarik’. That has bridged him well with the folks. And the demands for selfies by the locals and tourists gives credence to the fact that he is one politician who has successfully crossed the divide.

What is significant is the fact that by walking the streets, meeting business communities and workers, visiting homes, churches, mosques, temples and partaking in communal events and celebrations, this man has demonstrated that it is not impossible to bring the nation on a united pedestal of peace and progress.

People like him because he brings solutions and creates opportunities while many politicians today unearth only problems.

Unfortunately, we do not get enough of media coverage to spread these ‘moments of truth’ being created and lived out by a politician who is a seasoned veteran in politics.

It is time that the people living all across the country got to know about the hard and determined work of Kayveas in Cameron Highlands, for here is hope that we can build a united, progressive future for our children.

And what is equally significant is the fact that he has brought to the fore the real truth, that is, the multiracial, multicultural, multi-religious citizens of Malaysia living and working in Cameron Highlands are united when a leader truly lives the 1Malaysia dream.

What more can we say when even foreign nationals living and working in the numerous farms in Cameron Highlands turn to Kayveas for help?

Source From : Malaysiakini

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