Malaysians must go ‘Formula Four’ for continued unity and progress – Part 1

As we gear towards our 14th General Elections in the weeks or mere months ahead, I share with all concerned, patriotic and loyal Malaysians my thoughts in this four part series I aptly term as ‘Formula Four’.

Having served three prime ministers and steering the Barisan Nasional component party, myPPP from sheer extinction these past thirty years, and as a senior politician I have a moral duty to share my deepest thoughts and concerned feelings for a better, greater Malaysia.

In this Part One, I share with you a fundamental browse through the pre-independence history of this great nation all Malaysians call home today.

My concern springs from the unfounded, malicious and foolish spurts of some quarters trying to demean the Sultanate History of pre Merdeka or blaming a ‘feudalistic’ culture.

Our nation’s birth as a free and independent country under the canopy of democracy was not one that was wrangled or fought with blood on our hands.

It was a glorious Independence from the British that we won because of the strength, history and colors of unity that were fervently forged by our past Rulers of the States of Malaya then.

It was our Sultanate that gave Malaysia its strength to evolve into a post Merdeka nation of new hope.

Malaysians must never forget the challenges, attacks, and vulnerabilities that our past Rulers of each State fought hard to save their subjects.

It is true too, that the presence of a multiracial society that we proudly are today did not just drop from the sky. It was nurtured, treasured, guarded and governed by our great and caring Sultans of past centuries and decades.

Today our Rulers – the true descendants of past heritage continue to provide the very traction of wisdom that keeps us going forward as ‘1Malaysia’.

And the one political entity that has fervently and steadfastly kept its loyalty, patriotism and allegiance to our Constitutional Monarch and Council of Rulers these past six decades is Barisan Nasional.

Over the past decades we have under the able, steadfast leadership of Barisan Nasional progressed from what we can term as Formula One towards entering a Formula Four race to set our nation to embrace and benefit from the New Age of the 21st Century and beyond.

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  1. Tan Sri M Kayveas is a true blue politician who understands the very pulse of Malaysians. In this write up he expounds the very hope that patriortic citizens cradle in their hearts. BN must let him lead in Cameron Highlands as this is not an option but truth.

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