My 60th Merdeka Wish for you

As we Malaysians gather to mark our 60th Independence Anniversary, I share my best wishes to each and every one Malaysian of all ages.


As we come together all across our beloved nation, from north to south, east to west, the sense of unity, loyalty, patriotism and determination to take our nation to even greater heights of excellence is indeed a living, shared hope.

Our greatest hope is in the next generation of youths who will chart a glorious Malaysia, bringing 1Malaysia Negaraku to a vibrant start come 31st August 2017. I salute our youths of today for the love you have for our beloved nation.

To all our senior citizens who in all probability stood together these past sixty years, irrespective of our ethnicity, traditions and cultural diversities, I praise you for your unwavering solidarity that has truly brought us together today, this 31st August 2017.

Happy 60th Birthday Malaysia!

For me, journeying with myPPP has been most challenging. It has tested my hopes. It has grilled my loyalty. Above all, it has proven that 1Malaysia Negaraku today is also the result of the six decades of belief that myPPP held close to its heart.

Today, as I join 30 million citizens and leaders to hold our national flag in our hands, flying high, my spirit of hope rises to new levels. My gratitude to all myPPP members and every Malaysian who toiled for a one nation of people, Malaysia, is even more fortified.

I share with every Anak Malaysia our party’s signature Peace, Progress and Prosperity.

Today is not the time to count negatives. It is not the moment to be mauled by our enemies who thrive on divisiveness, sowing seeds of distrust, suspicion and bent on capitalizing on human errors and weaknesses.

Instead, as we celebrate our beloved nation’s 60th Anniversary Merdeka, we will strengthen our spirit; we will anchor deeper our hopes; we will resolve even more to move onward and forward with the spirit of Barisan Nasional that has accompanied us this far for the last 60 years.

Merdeka has now become ever more meaningful. Merdeka has made us all a beacon for others to take notice. We thrive. We grow. We flourish.

Happy Birthday Malaysia and best wishes of Peace, Progress and Prosperity for all Malaysians.

Tan Sri M Kayveas

President myPPP


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