Malaysians must go ‘Formula Four’ for continued unity and progress – Part 2

As soon as we gained our Merdeka, the entry of Malayans into Formula Two phase was cast. Allahyaram Tengku Abdul Rahman was the blessed gift to lead a newborn democratic baby, Malaya.

We fought our battles against the Japanese. We fought our battles against the Communists. We fought our battles against the Confrontation. We did all of these as a united race of Malayans (Malays, Chinese, Indians, Orang Asal, all side by side).

We ran the race. Yes we faltered. We failed in some ways. But the defining truth is we succeeded in bringing the nation to be ready for its Formula Three race into the furture.


It was Barisan Nasional again that was the safety net. It was in fact our radar as we navigated into several trouble waters and kept moving forward, making headways in the political, social, economic and environmental paradigms that maps our nation building.

May 13, 1969 tested that very cord of unity that bound Malayans. Did we fail? Did we disintegrate?

You may say these are redundant questions to pose.

But behind those questions harks the truth – that Barisan Nasional was the people’s choice, the people’s hope and the people’s answer.

In fact the sealing of Sabah and Sarawak as an integral and symbiotic partner of Malaysia in 1963 was the grandstand garland of our Formula Two race. And with that the tested and proven success story of Barisan Nasional embraced a bigger nation.

No blood shed. No wars fought. No gun powder smuggled. We rose from Malaya to Malaysia – history fortified based on the leadership and successes of Barisan Nasional.

Why should any Malaysian worth his or her salt want to destroy that very power house that led them to and gave their children a greater land, a greater hope and more wealth to share?

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