Mindsets for Change

Thoughts, feelings and intentions are important in our lives. These are like generators that pump drive in us as we chart a course to keep moving forward.

In a time when the world is facing unprecedented challenges, millions of people around the world are re-engineering their hopes. Thoughts, feelings and intentions are proving to be powerful incentives to face these challenges.

For us Malaysians, we are proud to recognize that many of us are likewise bracing with the right mindsets as we look ahead of us into the future.

PPP took a bold step forward to prepare for the changing times. Our first commitment is the re-branding of myPPP. Peace, Progress and Prosperity are the defining truths that reflect our collective and collaborative thoughts, feelings and intentions to pave a pathway for all Malaysians.

All effort will yield the desired results if our total human effort and endeavour is rightly anchored on Peace, Progress and Prosperity. Which we must (Aim) is for all.

When we champion these three pillars of myPPP – Peace, Progress and Prosperity, we know that our human endeavours will know not our differences but instead unite us beyond the boundaries of race, religion and culture.

It calls for a mindset for change in the first place.

And myPPP is ready and geared up to walk with you on this promising pathway for greater thoughts, feelings and intentions for Peace, Progress and Prosperity for all.

Let us celebrate what matters most in the hearts and minds of all united Malaysians.

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