A Nation cannot be governed based on differing agendas

Two points show up in what is being reported about the former PM and now a Chairman of a fallout party.

In responding to a question posed by political analyst and academic, Wong Chin Huat, Tun Dr Mahathir who once upon a time ruled the nation in the typical fashion of the cliche, ‘iron hands in velvet gloves’, is reported having said, ” If the people want Anwar, who am I to stop” (FMT, 8 April, 2017).

Well, did it occur to him that if the people want Najib who is he to band wagon with the arch enemies of the ruling government to agree only on one thing, i.e. the removal of Najib from being the PM of this nation?

And unashamedly he admits – a salute to his courage to speak the truth though, that the opposition front “seems to have different agendas” and that the only thing that gets them coming together is the removal of Najib.

So indeed this is the paradox of the enemies of our prime minister.

On the one hand they believe that they cannot stand in the way of the rakyat. But at the same time they do not respect the truth that a nation of people are with their prime minister, Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak.

And then again, they know that the marriage of convenience that seems to hold the hands of the various opposition parties is only one narrow, self-interest agenda which pathetically is just to remove Najib and by any means will do.

How can you build a nation with a bandied front when each opposition party is sealed in their own mortar of seeming manifestos and hopes of clinching the seat of the PM?

Good on you Tun. You have helped spill the stale beans again.

This nation of people and me who have stood with you and BN all these decades will not let it be shred by those with vested interests.

Tan Sri M Kayveas

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