Press Statement – Is Ramasamy a Coward or Lacks ambition.

For a noble and rightful thought in the predicament Lim Guan Eng is in and promoting a Malaysian Indian to a level never achieved by another Malaysian Indian, the reply form a possible CM is disappointing and want of any merits.

The deputy chief minister of Penang Ramasamy has every rights to rebut. The same also applies to all who may not be in his camp to question when things don’t seem right.

But for a leader to publicly state shallow arguments then there is a reason for us not to waste time containing such rebuts that obviously don’t seem to hold any water.

As leaders of political parties we exercise our duty and democratic rights to question actions & inactions that run contrary to promises.

On the same note I hope Ramasamy will not kick dirt for whatever his intensions may be semble he is a coward or lacks any ambition.

Tan Sri M Kayveas


President, myPPP

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