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Thank you for taking time to visit my blog. I extend a warm welcome as I keep you updated and posted on what is working for all of us at PPP.

Foremost, PPP is more than a party for me. It has been, is and will always remain everything that matters to me and is dear to you as well. I have always – despite what my worthy opponents will rebut, maintained that what I think, what I say and what I do must not only be a mantra of ‘Talk the walk’ but even more as one that is guided by a living principle of ‘Walk the talk’.

Hence, in a nutshell, this blog of mine is principally to share with you my thoughts, aspirations, success and failures that have been so close to me all these years and for many more years to come as we – you and me, together remain focussed on that categorical commitment to leave this world a better place for all.

While I share with you the many concerns and issues, needs and fulfilments that have and will always matter most to you and me, I turn to you for your guidance, inspiration and motivation through your constructive feedback and criticisms.

You are most welcome to share your thoughts.

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