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Sowing the seeds of hope in a climate of intense, divisive politicking in Malaysia
Tan Sri M. Kayveas, the president of myPPP deserves a re-visit by politicians from all sides of the divide, especially in these politically turbulent times in Malaysia.

For a multiracial country that treads gingerly through the maze of so called ‘religious sensitivities’, Kayveas truly walks the talk in bridging the divides that are sadly often capitalised by politicians who only thrive on a divide and rule mantra.
It is well known among citizens in Cameron Highlands that here is a leader who takes painstaking effort to bring the message of hope and co-existance. Whatever his sworn opponents and suspicious allies may spin, Kayveas is showing the way forward for Malaysians on how we can all thrive because of our diversely rich, religious beleifs.
He has no qualms to be with the people at their various religious celebrations and even places of prayer joining the common people in hope for a united nation of people. As the photos disclosed here attest, he has shown us how we can keep our hopes a dream turned reality. People in Cameron Highlands welcome him as he joins them in prayer – be it a Sikh, Christian, Taoist or Hindu celebration.
While many politicians have no hesitation in screaming messages of divisiveness as they belt, “our religion is under seige”, Kayveas transcends such politics of a bygone era by being with the people in showing others how we can benefit from our diversity of goodness.
Perhaps, the media can play a lead role in showcasing such examplary actions by politicians like Kayveas, especially when we are consistently witnessing politicians and political allies and supporters druming up the ‘religious sensitivity’ messages of distructiveness.
We need to bring into the public sphere of information, such messages of hope painstakingly championed by leaders who care enough for the greatness of a nation that thrives on diversity.
J. D. Lovrenciear
Kuala Lumpur

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