Opposition Proves us Right Again

The breaking news we read almost on a daily dose about the Opposition political coalition’s disaray is a clear confirmation of BN’s united strength.

As the Sarawak State elections draw closer, we learn of how the divergent political agendas of the opposition block is exposing the weaknesses inherent between their respective party leaders.

Thanks to our six decades of voters’ trust BN remains steadfastly united with its leadership. Within our coalition we compete with trust and loyalty as our pillars of strength.

myPPP is not here to shame our opponents. Let me say this upfront before leaders from opposing sides jump their trains out of rilled anger.

For us, we continue to be reassured of the growing support given to us as we remain steadfast to our core purpose, i.e. to bring peace, progress and prosperity to all Malaysians.

Time and time again, a seemingly united coalition that screams all sorts of allegations in trying to garner public support shows its true colors as the clock ticks closer to every election date. This the wise rakyat can see for themselves.

At myPPP we march onward with growing support as we know that BN is a united front when put to the test.

This loyalty pledge to serve all Malaysians these past six decades has kept and will guarantee for decades more to come, that indeed BN is the people’s preferred choice.

We do not sacrifice national pursuits for the gain of selfish power and narrow party interest.

myPPP thrives on the people’s quest for peace, progress and prosperity.

– Kayveas

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