My Speech during Sarawak Election Campaign – May 2016

1.  It is the time for the Rakyat to make a choice of who will lead them for the next 5 years. As Malaysia matures, our selection process should also mature. Hence I will focus on the maturity of two important aspects, namely:

1.1.  The Leaders i.e. the people who will be chosen; and,

1.2.  The Rakyat i.e. the people making those choices


2.  Today, leaders must not only act clean but must also seen to be clean, otherwise they will be savaged by the instant perceptions zooming out of the social media. In this age of ‘New Media’ the age old principle of ‘the left should not know the good done by the right hand’ cannot hold the floodgates of social media in the hands of the public. THE CONCEPT OF CLEAN HANDS or in other words WALK THE TALK will be my leadership focus.

3.  To fight corruption one must first not be corrupted. With regards to the ‘donation’ by the Saudis, the PM has been upfront on the issue from day one and has been investigated and concluded that the matter is not a case of corruption. A parallel case is LGE’s bungalow. He is not guilty yet, though the allegations indicate otherwise. Hence we should allow the same fairness to be investigated by MACC before he is judged innocent or guilty. He should follow the leadership of Najib and allow the due process to happen without any rukus, so that he does not appear to be guilty prematurely.

4.  To be transparent. One must first be transparent. Recently BN has shown its unity behind the PM not blindly but correctly by allowing the proper channels like PAC, MACC, Police, etc. to do their job and draw a water-tight conclusion on 1MDB. It is heart wrenching that our global image was tarnished by the irresponsible acts of some of our very own citizens. Surprisingly a similar situation in Penang with the Penang leader did not follow the same bipartisan PAC path but instead seeks a public debate. Public debate is not transparency it is a personal war of words with misleading half-truths.

5.  In the ‘Bungalow’ issue, the silence on the matter by DAP, PKR, BERSIH, BAR COUNCIL, ANTI-1M Websites against BN is also deafening.

6.  To believe in unity translates to being able to remain united. In Sarawak the Pakatan team cannot even agree to agree on seat allocation and chose to war among themselves. What is worse, it is the top leaders are the ones who are blaming each other. This is civil war – for want of a better word. In BN the team remains solidly behind the PM. All 13 parties can accept the final decision made by the leadership and freely choose to stay united.

7.  To truly care for the Rakyat, one must care for the country. When we raise issues for the Rakyat, leaders must do it responsibly. Raise it with solutions not slander, or social, racial and religious instigations.

8.  To defend rights we must first respect the rights of others not just the right of one’s own opinion or view point. In Penang some media were not allowed to cover their news.  These media remain banned from Penang.  Different rules and rights apply for DAP.

9.  We need to look for mature leadership when we make our choice. DAP and PKR have been using negative perceptions to influence peoples’ mind because they are unable to practice what they appear to be preaching like transparency, good-governance, unity, corruption, fairness, prejudice, discrimination – every topic the opposition have preached they are unable to practice it themselves.


10.  To achieve wawasan 2020, the structure is in place. But is the people’s mind-set ready?  If we cannot recognise our success, how can we be more successful?  We are being kept run down, pulled down and criticised by own citizens. When are we going to be #P2baM (Proud to be a Malaysian). Look at the difference and understand the reasons behind it.

11.  We have the most capable PM in our history who has laboriously kept us on track towards Wawasan 2020 through our world recognised ETP introduced by him when he first took the mantle to lead a nation of 30 million people. 1MALAYSIA reaps the benefits to be one of the better financial and economic performing countries in the world despite the cascading oil prices and global economic slowdown. Yet there are some within us who propagated we are an economic disaster going bankrupt. In actual fact we have been  blessed to have a continuity with an appropriate PM since independence. However Najib had the toughest job as he came in at a time of political and economic turmoil. The truth is he has managed it.

12.  We have one of the lowest car ownership cost in the world. This can be seen by the fact that most households have more than one car. Yet there are some within us who insist that car ownership is one of the highest in the world. Owning an expensive car is a personal choice made out of affordability, not a government must-have or must-give policy.

13.  The bumiputra policy is an improvement to extend Malay rights to cover rights of Malaysians. The first to be included are the East Malaysians who did not have sufficient share of the economic pie. Ultimately, we look forward to the day when all Malaysians born after 1965 to be bumiputras. This will happen when we fight for Malaysian rights instead of Malay, Chinese, Indian and other community based racial rights. Yet there are some among us who portray that bumiputra policy is to give more rights to the Malays. The bumiputra policy is a social wealth balancer for a poor Malaysians. It adds wealth to the poorer segment of Malaysians at that time. IT HAS NEVER TAKEN WEALTH AWAY FROM NON Bumiputras. After 40 years of the policy still the non bumiputras constitute more than 80 percent of the top 40 richest personalities in Malaysia. However the policy is still struggling to create even 50% of bumiputras to be in the Malaysian Billionaires list.

14.  There is an urgent need to have this mind set change to P2bam i.e. to recognise that in all races some have done well, some didn’t, some, against all odds still strive to do well, but some keep giving excuses and playing the blame game for their own failures.

15.  Of course, that does not mean that we should be blind to our weaknesses like education, good-governance, productivity, progress etc. We should embrace these problems and work together as Malaysians to find solutions instead of throwing blames or snearing at each other. The Rakyat should never allow this to happen but insist on solutions from leaders. A good example is the case of the previous MB of Selangor who looked for a solution for the Rakyat but was removed due to internal politics.

16.  In Sarawak, the Rakyat has done better, they fully recognise the performance of their current CM, YAB TS Adenan, a CM who talks and acts for the Rakyat, the State and the Country in a balanced and fair manner. Truly an example for the future of Malaysia. The coming election is a State election. Do not be confused by the outsiders with their National issues and rhetorics. A State election is to elect the people who can focus on enhancing the issues of the State. Leave the external issues for the Parlimentary election. Sarawakians have been the role model of Malaysian policies like racial harmony, bumiputra policy, religious tolerance, proficiency in English, etc. Keep this up by being a role model in electing State representatives through meritocratic judgement rather than political, party, religious or racial bias. Be an example to the rest of Malaysia. Deliver the message that Rakyat supports performers and not talkers and blamers, from political parties which make international statements to destroy our own country. Tantamounting to spitting on their own face.

17.  Take the challenge, give the mandate to the performer, your current CM, Adenan who is working so well with the current PM who continues to deliver on his promises with actions and shown results for the Rakyat and can overcome the Tsunamis created by our citizens’ enemies. Give your full support to this powerful team and let the other fragmented team to repair their team structure first before trying to volunteer political assistance to Sarawak where you don’t need them.

18.  How do Sarawakians teach the fakes a lesson? We know in the Peninsular that Sarawakians love the CM.  And since you do love Adenan how do you showcase the love?  Send a message, a very clear message. Give Adenan the full 82 seats and experience the vibration you will send to Semenanjung.  Make it happen for the CM whom we all know you respect so much who continue to speak and fight for the rights of all Sarawakians.

19.  That message of Sarawakians giving 100% support to your CM, will be an impetus, encouragement and confidence for the PM to stand firm against the nay sayers and marshall his strength to serve all Malaysians of other states even better.

20.  For 50 years DAP and YB Lim Kit Siang have failed the Chinese in the Peninsular with their Ubah, Inikali, Satu Kali and other war-cry gimmicks. Rather after ruling Penang for 2 terms have not shown anything progressive, valuable, useful or good for the citizens of Penang. But plagued by allegations of corruptions and devoid of good governance. Kit siang has not said a word about the allegation of high level corruption on land matters taking place in Penang.  At least, we know the weaknesses of land issues now which your CM is putting them in order. With DAP you won’t even know what is happening as they have an art of blaming others for all the wrong they do, and time and time again get away with it all.

21.  Be warned and tell DAP, that Sarawakians don’t need their double standard politics in Sarawak. Tell them politely by putting your votes on the right box. The BN Box.

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