My Message @ PPP AGM 2014

Selamat Sejahtera Dan Salam Satu Malaysia

1.    Salutation.

2.    Firstly PPP would like to congratulate your goodselves and your team for the successful implementation of the ETP (Economic Transformation Programme), as the seven NKRA have reported an average achievement rate of 104% of its key performance indicators.

3.    Even global renown universities like Harvard and Princeton, have recognized the power of ETP and have used Malaysia’s ETP and created a 42 pages case study.


Please continue on our transformational journey as much more needs to be done for us to be PROUD TO BE A MALAYSIAN.

I remember you became Prime Minister of Malaysia, at a time of both political and economical turmoil. You needed a quantum leap to turn around this situation. After an initial period of silence, you came up with the ETP which not many people could understand but since then I have a personal learning experience on what wholesale transformation of a country means including the discipline of systematic and merit based implementation despite all the negativism thrown at you. My personal congratulations to you once again. It is without doubt that this has kept Malaysia economically strong.

Ladies And Gentlemen,

4.    All these efforts are put in place not just for the PM, DPM, Cabinet nor for BN, but for the people of this nation. Lets not as fellow Malaysians let the “NAY” sayers twist the facts and be an impediment for progress.

5.    The opposition in Malaysia (in the last 5 years) has moved from a positive looking nation of “Malaysia Boleh” to one of that is over-focusing on negative issues. They want to make it look Malaysia Tak Boleh because every idea, suggestion, action is met with skeptism and Tak Boleh. The opposition started a trend to focus on each other’s weaknesses instead of capitalising on each other’s strengths.

6.    It is time to shift our paradigm back to a positive one hence today I would like to touch on the important issues for Malaysians from a POSITIVE ANGLE.


7.    We have been a country where every race keeps their name, language, festivals and culture totally intact (for themselves). We have lived together peacefully respectful of each others’ sensitivities for all these years. It is time for us to take this one step further; with our heritage of culture and language we are aligned to 75% of the world. No-other country has this advantage. Instead of segregating us, all Malaysians should learn to speak all four languages so that we can communicate with 75% of the world. THIS WILL BE OUR NEXT COMPETITIVE EDGE.


8.    Malaysians practice all the major religion in the world. If we can take the goodness of each religion, we will be great people with great values. The discipline of Islam, the moderation of Christianity, the balanced approach of Buddhism, the way of life of Hinduism, when practised as a package makes Malaysians great human beings.  Each and every religion has clearly taught respect for each other hence it cannot be religiously correct to fight on religious issues.  Religion should be the catalyst for all Malaysians to live in harmony not the other way round.


9.    Malaysia has matured. We have had a succession of political leaders since independence that has each delivered in their own way. No other country in history has had 6 Prime Ministers all performing in succession.

It seems, now we also have a strong second choice party. We should now move towards merit base politics rather than one of slander.

10.    The political parties should fight hard on their merits during election, then close ranks to run the country together. Let the rakyat choose the party with the most positive approach for our future. We grow on our strength not the failures of others.  May the best party win and PPP will support BN to be that best party for PRU-14.


11.    The world has been in economic turbulence for the last 5 years, but Malaysian economy remains strong largely due to the ETP which is to drive towards a higher income society. Through history, we have always continuously built our economy from tin to rubber, to palm oil to electronics, to petroleum to consumerism. Our Malaysian businessman are now players in the global market in property, sports, infrastructure, etc. Petronas is building the world Floatable platform for LNG which is the same size of the twin towers. We should be PROUD TO BE A MALAYSIAN.


12.    In earlier years Malaysia maintained a policy of neutrality and made no conflicts and this same thinking has been instilled in all Malaysians. Despite our jibes at each other, we have always known when to draw the line. Peace and unity has always been the higher priority over race, religion and politics. It is no coincidence that Malaysia is one of the most peaceful and united country in the world and today we are a recognised driver for Global Moderation. We should strive to maintain this with the right set of laws.

13.    Our laws with strong foundation from the British has withstood the change of time. The problem is often not the law but the fairness in interpreting the law. Our roles today as ‘Chairman’ of ASEAN, a member of UN SECURITY COUNCIL / moderation movement (GMM) – Global movement of moderates, is a strong indication that we are moving in the right direction.

14.    Malaysia has been blessed by our creator to be located in the most “PEACEFUL” climatic conditions in the world – no earthquake, no extreme weather, no volcanoes. We should complement this by being the most “PEACEFUL” population in the world.

15.    In this respect if the Sedition Act can help us maintain PEACE AND UNITY, it’s a decision way forward. PPP will not be like some half hearted, cautious soothsayers. Instead PPP gives you full support.

16.    PPP’s mission would be Positive mind, Positive words, Positive actions.  In order to be better, in order succeed, in order to be peaceful, in order to be happy Malaysians,

STOP complaining,
STOP giving execuses, and


17.    Let us not focus on the problems, but focus on building a new model to render the problems obsolete. Let us look at solutions. We spend too much time focusing and debating on negative and sensitive issues. Each Malaysian must look at themselves to see what can improve their lives, instead of listening to power crazy political leaders with self interests.

18.    So many good things to talk about Malaysia as our beloved country, Malaysians as our beloved brothers and sisters, our different communities with each others benevolence, our various religions with its own qualities, our cultures with its colourfulness. Why then we need to create an ugly side of any of these?

19.    The moderates please rise, the moderates please speak up, the moderates please stand up, the fence sitters please lend your voice. Defend this nation from evil politicians, selfishes leaders. Lets together stop these devils from bringing us down and destroying us.


20.    PPP feels we should talk about Malaysian Rights and not Malay, Chinese nor Indian rights. PPP have always been branded as an Indian Party.  This is despite efforts to change its image. Even by amending The PPP Constitution in 1996; its motto to say “TOWARDS ONE MALAYSIA”.

21.    As it stands, BN have failed to provide any backbenchers for the Indian community in Parliament. In the concept of fighting for MALAYSIAN RIGHTS. PPP although being an all Malaysian party, with the consent and full support of our non-Indian members and friends, will focus on the development and empowerment of the future generation of Indians. The innocent young.

22.    Thaimoli a daily publication have been sending 10,000 copies daily to all 524 Tamil schools. We cannot change 20 years old to be good. But we will start with 12 years old and below. We will speak in Tamil but will deliver a ONE MALAYSIA message, spreading positive, intellectual, harmonies news rather than scandals, hatred, half truths, poisoning rakyats minds and blood stained news.


23.    Malaysia needs to live up to its brand Malaysia Truly Asia in every sense.

24.    Greater understanding and respect between various races and religions beliefs must be enhanced. NO RACE SHOULD FEAR EACH OTHER. We should support and protect each other.

25.    Harmony is the most valuable asset for Malaysia to reach developed status in every sense. We must be PROUD TO BE A MALAYSIAN.

26.    Our AGMs should debate how to improve health and medical services, reduce flooding and landslide, green energy and protection of our environment, improve education facilities and the like etc etc etc.

27.    Gone should be the days politicians make themselves wanted or invite popularity by playing racist sentiments.  Instead speak to make Malaysians live happily together and provide an environment of happy Malaysians.


All races are important to Malaysia. And, my message is,


Thank You


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