Happy 69th Anniversary, UMNO

This year, as members of UMNO stand united, we recognize that life is a journey that keeps offering choices.

…life is a journey that keeps offering choices.

We also uphold the principle that between murky waters and clear streams, clear waters always conquers. And PPP chooses to flow with clear waters.

Yes, on the eve of UMNO’s 69th Anniversary, much murky water was diverted under its bridge. But the wisdom of its Supreme Council prevailed, standing united to chart a course under the leadership of Datuk Seri Najib Abdul Razak.

Opponents will always remain just that – as Opponent

The opponents of UMNO will always remain opponents. Fortunately, PPP is blessed with a leadership and party members who choose to fight for clear waters. And in that spirit, we are also not ashamed to stand up for the truth we choose to uphold.

Our prayers and well wishes to the leadership of this nation with UMNO at its helm is a devoted mission shared alike by all loyal PPP members.

UMNO and PPP have stood the test of time

Political association is not plastic. It is the manifestation of the human bond between leaders and party members. It captures the trust and emotions that create relationships that stand the test of time.

UMNO was born 69 years ago. It has survived numerous tests and proven its ability and strength to uphold people’s interest despite the attacks.

Political association is not plastic.

PPP too has its own testimonies of struggles, failures and victories.

The one element that enjoins UMNO and PPP is our faith, respect and honour for each other. Our proven track record to surmount the boulders and ravines that come between and ahead of us cannot be hidden under a bushel.

…faith, respect and honour for each other…

If UMNO has survived and moved on to new heights it is because it has delivered on its promise. Likewise, PPP – though a small component of the Barisan Nasional powerhouse, journeys on in close collaboration and partnering with UMNO to raise our community of people to be partners in the journey ahead.

In that spirit, we remain as clear as the clear water that flows through the parties, UMNO and PPP, as we remain symbiotically connected to raising Malaysia to embrace the greater glories offered in the world of tomorrow for our people and their children.

~ Tan Sri M. Kayveas

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