A Statesman must earn as well as learn to keep his reputation

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad served at the helm of this nation’s journey for 22 long years. And througout his tenure we stood by him through thick and thin. The cornerstone that held us together was that singular mind to take the nation forward given the trust from the rakyat.

We stood loyally with our leader.

And who does not know what Tun would and indeed did to those who crossed his path?

History has a clear record of how every potential leader who could have continued the journey wearing the hat of premiership fell.

Tun Ghaffar, Musa Hitam, Ku Li, Anwar Ibrahim and Pak Lah – these men were the casualties of our Tun’s grip on power.

But today when he keeps hammering out statements and writings thatdo not speak well of true statemanship as he guns Najib, Tun should be mindful of two truths.

One, he has betrayed all of us who stood by him throughout his 22 long years as PM. If we stand by Najib who is our current PM, it is because we learnt it the hard way from Tun.

Two, Tun must know he is not by virtue of his dictatorial rule, the ultimate king maker for the rakyat. The voting polulation cast their precious and much weighed votes. And they will not let a once-upon-a-time PM continue to hack and derail a legitimate PM like how he has habituLly done in the past to so many.

Truly, as any religion or for that matter any phiosphopher or conscious civil society leader anywhere in the pages of humnity’s struggles against the many odds have vouched, a Statesman or an elder in society for that matter must not only earn but alsolearn to keep his dignity and reputation.

Sadly, that is not what we witness of the Tun. Today his language and words and actions clearly show a bitten and beaten man at war.

Fortunately for Tun and his blinded loyalists , Najib does not practice any traits of Marciavellan politics. Otherwise the price that would have to be paid by some would probably be in the likes of that unforgettable ‘Ops Lallang’.

Tun let truth be told. And telling the truth as it is even if hurts is not being disrespectful.

If not for politics do it at least for all our young children of Malaysia. Stop calling people especially Najib our current leader names and by disgusting terms.

Every leader has a right and a duty to perform and deliver according to his or her promises. It cannot always be your way.

Tan Sri M Kayveas

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