Press Statement – 9th April 16

Will Lim Guan Eng rise to the challenge to uphold his much touted DAP mantra?

The Democratic Action Party (DAP) has been going to town always attacking Barisan Nasional. That is not a problem for us. We are seasoned and have always emerged champions, decade after decade, in the eyes of our precious voters.

But when the Chief Minister of Penang himself says and does things that run contrary to the very ammunitions they train on BN, we have a duty to pose him and his party several ethical challenges.

To begin with, Lim Guan Eng and or his party people have said many things alleging the prime minister of wrong doing. Despite all the explanations given by relevant parties and authorities, their stance seems to show no remorse of conscience.

In Malaysia we uphold and will defend fiercely the principle of ‘you are innocent unless proven guilty’. Mere allegations that are politicized to the hilt to secure votes or support will not sway the laws of this nation.

Having said that, let me ask the Chief Minister of Penang, will he step down and let his deputy to take over the reins until he is cleared of all allegations vis-à-vis the bungalow house he purchased?

Two principles underlie this challenge.

Firstly, DAP is perceived as a ‘Chinese’ party. That is racist. And knowing full well about this perception precipitating in the rakyat’s mind, they have tried very hard to window dress with some Indian and Malay faces in their fold.

So if DAP is indeed not a ‘Chinese’ party, will it have any problems in seeing a Malaysian Indian (his deputy, saudara Ramasamy) to step in and take over the reins of the Penang government while Lim goes on indefinite leave and until the allegations and proven truths surrounding his property purchase are cleared?

When Datuk Seri Najib Razak was being bombarded with propaganda after propaganda alleging the PM with all kinds of accusations, Lim amongst others from DAP, demanded that the PM must be investigated.

Mind you, that demand was drummed up to an unceasing hilt despite they knowing full well that the police and other vanguard institutions were already investigating the allegations.

Secondly, we now have a situation that afflicts the marrow of DAP’s integrity. Lim Guan Eng is embroiled in a private and personal property purchase that smells not rosy. The facts that have flowed into the public sphere are clearly pointing at further suspicions.

What was initially denied is now being crashed with the owing up on the land deal by the company that owns a parcel in Penang.

The seller of the bungalow ‘had no business interest’ it seems but only to discover now from the horse’s mouth that she is a shareholder in the project being undertaken in Penang.

What hammers the nail on to the truth is that when it was denied that there was no S & P signed between some parties, it is now a ‘deal that did not go through’.

Let us get to the bottom of truth. Has the Chief Minister not heard about the sanctified truth that ‘Intention = Results’?

I question the ‘intention’ for therein lies the measure of ethical conduct and moral behavior.

DAP has been drumming up its clarion call against corruption, besieging BN with loads of allegations that only kept slipping through DAP’s hands like dessert sand eventually.

DAP has a long history of screaming for the heads of its opponents at the slightest propaganda hatched from within its barracks.

Now that the head of DAP itself is embroiled in an explosive issue where ethics and integrity are coming into question, will the honorable Chief Minister of Penang walk the talk by stepping down from his office and let an Indian Malaysian take over for starters until he is cleared of misdeeds?

Indeed, DAP faces a trust issue. And BN stands solidly behind their BN leader for all Malaysians, Datuk Seri Najib Razak and his Cabinet.

And on that same breath, if I may humbly and justifiable add, will all those NGOs who paraded with DAP now not open their mouths in public to also question the chief minster’s property purchase and the questionable linkages surfacing – coming from the horses’ mouths themselves?

I rest my case with the firm belief that ethics and integrity alone will expose the truth and the rot.

Tan Sri Datuk Seri M. Kayveas

President, myPPP

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