GST: Thinking outside the box

The government would not be foolish to go ballistic with GST without doing its homework. We are not just talking about one or two or a handful of people driving the GST.

We need to recognise the truth. The reality is, the GST has been under serious study involving so many experts from various departments of knowledge.

It took the government a good two years to migrate the GST to this implementation stage, come 1 April 2015.

However, there are agents out there wanting to ride on adverse sentiments. In particular, it is made out to seem that GST is to rob the rakyat.

Pause, reflect and ask yourselves some honest questions.

Would a political party that has successfully earned the citizens vote of confidence over half a century, risk to foolishly plunge into a system of tax and stand to lose that confidence given to the government?

We must have the independence of mind, wisdom of thought and the courage of conviction to stand up and ask these pertinent questions.

If the world is already progressing with GST why must Malaysia fail?

If the world around us, rich and poor nations alike are focussed on GST, why must we shy away from it?

Of course, some will argue for mere populist mileage that the timing is wrong. Now, let us get real. When then is a good timing?

The government is serious about development. It is committed to making Malaysia a better place and it has.

Let us not let nay-sayers and political-mercenaries to way lay us. Let us like all the many nations around us that have successfully implemented the GST let Malaysians enjoy this progressive pathway of the future.

And the government is not blind. It is not dumb. It certainly is not cold-hearted. We will review the GST very closely upon implementation. For we must recognize one truth, i.e. no wise government will risk everything that it has earned over fifty years of passionate leadership for its people and nation just over GST.

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