Lately, in a desperate effort to bulldoze their agendas of power grabbing, several notable individuals are galvanizing desperate relationships with their once-upon-a-time arch enemies and throwing blind arrows at BN.

To these people, I say, your efforts are not going to withstand let alone dent a quarter, the BN system.

These derailed power seekers in their desperation are failing to recognize that BN is not just a political party. It is far and beyond a structure.

BN is a true system that was built by the people of Malaysia since the time of pre-Merdeka. It grew beyond a structure. Springing from the souls of true Malaysians who wanted a nation to be called home, BN transformed with their hearts’ wishes into a reliable system.

That system is one of hopes fulfilled and driven by the dreams of every BN leader and all their believing supporters.

You cannot go to war with dirty intentions against a system that has proven to the people of Malaysia time and time again. We are talking about a track record history of 59 years.

BN delivered. BN will deliver. It is system borne out of living hope; it is a system succoured from genuine faith; it is a system that will continue to thrive as Malaysians believe in all that BN has delivered.

Say what you want; crow any allegation as long as your lungs can beat a belt. But the people of Malaysia know only too well that our leaders and all the millions of people who stood behind BN will not be deceived into a war with you because BN to all Malaysians is a living, thriving system built by the people, for the people and with the people since independence.

Tan Sri M. Kayveas

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